Formulation Development

Our Formulation Development team is committed to continuous research with an aim to improve processes and optimize costs for commercial products. With a plant geared to scale up for batches, we provide quality research and customized services to pharmaceutical companies.

Our research and development cover a wide variety of injectable drug products, including solutions for injections, lyophilized powders for injections, Prefilled Syringes, Cartridges and Topical drug products (Gel, Cream & Ointment).

To match the future need of wide therapeutic landscape, we have a dedicated team that focusses on development of liposomal drug delivery systems, Depot injections (Microspheres & implants), suspensions for injections, oily injections and IV emulsions.

Analytical Development

Our Analytical Development team of experienced scientists is backed by a comprehensive and state-of-the-art R&D facility to meet the ever-increasing demands of the global healthcare industry.

Equipped with a wide range of chromatography and spectroscopic techniques (HPLC, FT-IR, UV, etc.) to meet the varying requirements of different compounds, our team of experienced scientists ensure fast and sound results.

Our facility includes approximately 60,000 L of storage space with walk-in and reach-in stability chambers that comply with US FDA 21 CFR with backup units. The methods developed by our Analytical Development Department also fully meet the requirements laid down in the ICH guidelines Q2(R1).


Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance team consistently maintains cGMP systems following ICH guidelines, so that the latest updates in GMP are translated into guidelines, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and protocols. All aimed to ensure that we deliver quality products time after time.